FNF iFive Mini3 Review - Conclusion

My conclusion is simply that this is probably the best designed tablet currently available with one of the "best-in-class" screen you can get. It has acceptable Wifi that could have better range and a somewhat loud but rather "tinny speaker. FNF as a brand is obviously devoted to making GOOD devices, not just sufficient ones. This thing looks and feel quality and a company that designs like that gets a nod from us as that is what Top Notch Tablets is all about.

I am adding this FNF Mini3 to my "all-time greats" list that now consists of:

1. PiPo M8 Pro
2. Ployer Momo 12
3. PiPo M1
4. FNF iFive Mini3

I am about ready to write up a similar review on the iFive X2 and I think it has actually earned itself a place on this list as well! So a big thumbs up to FNF. Whatever they are doing right, I hope they keep doing it!