FNF iFive Mini3 Review - User Experience Continued

If you want a gaming machine. This is indeed a good unit for you as well! RK3188 Quad-Core processor with a Mali-400 GPU pushing a 1024x768 resolution = excellent performance. Once TNT get's finished launching our custom firmware, you should also see market access improved vs. stock firmware. The two things I will mention PARTICULARLY to gaming are... The excellent touch-screen response and the very smooth Accelerometer. Some RK3XXX chipset devices have really poor accelerometers. I am not sure if it is a firmware or hardware issue but I have noted that most are not very sensitive and it makes it hard to steer for example in a racing game. I tested NFS Most Wanted on this tab and steering worked very well. (Just for reference, I tested the PiPo U8 at the same time as this device and I immediately failed it out due to having touchscreen glitches...!)

Video and Music consumption - This is an excellent unit as long as you take into account two things. 1. You have a good WiFi connection -OR- are playing locally stored media. 2. You are using headphones if your are watching/listening for any extended period of time. If the above situation fits (like on an airplane...) this tablet rocks.

Internet Browsing - Goes back to WiFi again. As long as you are in range, it is an absolute pleasure as the RK3188 chews through webpages and the WiFi is quite snappy with a good signal. I was getting over 1.1 mb/s download speeds in bursts for game data when getting NFS: Most Wanted. That is fairly quick :).

So my own usability experience? I was pretty thrilled with the device and as I stated I had (and still have) and hard time putting it down. The screen might not be retina but it still is pretty much eye-candy due to the quality of the panel, I think I have talked at length now about how fantastic the weight/feel/design/look of this thing is. And honestly, with my fairly lightweight daily use (about an hour or so of screen-on time) I think I went 3 or 4 days between charging at one point? The RK3188 as mentioned several times is extremely responsive so there was never any frustration from "device lag". Also, portability I think goes without saying but I am saying it anyway. Because of the excellent "worry free" (i.e. you don't have to constantly worry about turning wifi off or turning the device off) battery life, diminuitive size, and extra-bright screen, this tablet goes a lot more places.

The only point of frustration was the WiFi on a couple of occasions. I like to read outside in the evenings, especially now that it is fall and North Carolina is absolutely gorgeous. I sit outside the front-door of my flat and read. At this distance I still had a "little" bit of a wifi signal and I could look things up on Google (I am reading some historical fiction right now and I like to fact check against wikipedia :)...). Several times my Wifi would cut-out at this range and I would have to step-inside to get it to load my page. I will note, that establishing a connection is quite quick but not having that extra bit of Wifi did bother me from time to time. Inside my house, I never had any problems though.

UPDATE: (11/16/2013) Having used this device for quite some time now, and having even traveled abroad with it for two weeks... I am going to say the Wifi is actually quite good. I have used it at hotels, airports, and we moved to a new two-story townhome with the router upstairs, and I haven't had any frustration with Wifi in all that time. I think that spot at my old flat was particularly tough as even my best tablets had some trouble there. Yes, the range could be a bit better, but the connection is rock-solid and there are not "drop" or connection stability issues as experienced with a lot of other Chinese models. So... The Wifi is very good, solid, stable, reliable and my experience with the Mini3 has been pretty much frustration free as a result. Yes, I have left this note in two places in this review... -Roman

I will also give some more props to FNF on UI design. The FNF "skin" is really obnoxious. Granted... and that will go away with our firmware release. However, they have done a hell of a good job modifying android 4.2.2 to be more 7.85" screen friendly. For one, out of the box, the device has everything integrated into a single bottom bar (like Android 4.1) and they have greatly extended the functionality of the pop-out tray on the right... There are ton of buttons to turn on/off things like Auto-Rotate and Vibrate and bluetooth. There is a volume slider AND a brightness slider also built right into this task-bar pop-out area. These kinds of small details really stand out when you have seen so many devices and they make the overall experience much better.