FNF iFive Mini3 Review - Design (continued)

Let's talk actual shape and design for the Mini3...

I couldn't believe it when I picked it up and felt how light it was. I immediately set it down next to a Chuwi V88 and was surprised to see what they have shaved off SO MUCH thickness. The Chuwi probably comes in somewhere between 7.2mm - 7.4mm.

The iFive Mini3 shares a very similar look to the iPad Mini however there are some notable improvements besides just having a smaller profile and lighter weight. One of my big complaints with the Chuwi V88 was the odd extruded/beveled edge of the device, particularly around the ports as it causes stress on the components soldered to the board. The iPad Mini also uses a "receding" edge which doesn't cause nearly as much issue but in my opinion doesn't look or feel as nice as the extremely nice flat edges of the iFive mini3.

The device sits square and flat when laid on a table, Don't get me wrong though, the right angles are not sharp at all, but have been curved out. The shell of the device is one solid milled/formed piece of Aluminum (or I am guessing perhaps Magnesium as the weight is so slight). But this isn't your typical slightly finished raw aluminum. The unit I have sports an extremely smooth jet-black/ultra-dark-blue finish. Finally, the rim around the front panel/screen has a beautifully machined bevel that has a chromed/reflective look to it. And not a cheap gaudy look. It isn't flashy or overstated, it is more like a pin-stripe on a suit, it just looks nice but you don't think about it (except when writing an article like this). This design motif is carried over into every detail of the device. Due to the minimalism of the whole thing that actually doesn't mean much though. The power button (the only physical button on the unit) also features the same dark blue/black metalic finish and slight shimmered/mirrored bevel as does the area around the camera.

I have mentioned this before, I am a total kinesthetic personality so the look and feel of a device mean a lot to me in terms of how much I am going to use it. I haven't been able to put the Mini3 down since it arrived. To finish it all off, the whole design is perfectly seamless... No fasteners, gaps, snaps... nothing. And it is the most solid feeling device I have used so the durability has obviously only been improved, not compromised, by the apparent lack of fastening hardware.

So in short, FNF has "busted the curve" when it comes to design of the Mini3. I can't really compare it directly against any other China tab as I have never tested another China tab like it. If I had my whims, all tablets would be some form of the Mini3 in regards to design and build-quality.

Continue reading to hear about usage experience, specs and overall performance. The tablet is fantastic but granted it isn't all roses!